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John Terry names ‘incredible’ ex-Chelsea player as greatest talent who never succeeded


Former Chelsea skipper John Terry has said that Rob Wollaston is the most incredible talent he has ever seen at Stamford Bridge, who failed to live up to his potential.

The 41-year-old former England defender said that Wollaston was an ‘incredible’ talent in his youth, but the player lacked the mental ability to make it big.

Terry also revealed several incidents at the time when Wollaston allowed several debut opportunities at the international level to slip due to his weak mental strength.

Quizzed about players who never performed up to their potential despite having incredible talent during their youth days, Terry replied (via Sports Bible):

“Probably a boy called Rob Wollaston at Chelsea. He was like a midfielder/winger, had so much ability. I still know Rob now, but mentally didn’t have that to go and push himself.”

The 41-year-old Terry revealed a critical incident which made him realize Wollaston may not make it to Stamford Bridge. He added:

“He got chose to train with the first team at a really young age, 17 or 18, did really well and Gullit told him he was going to play in the first team in a cup game.”

”He (Wollaston) then phoned up on the day of the game and said he was sick.”

“All of us, if we were sick or felt like we were at the end of the world, we would have still gone and played the game, we wouldn’t have given up that opportunity. He actually done it two or three times and he was just not mentally ready for the game, but ability-wise, incredible.”

Wollaston would be amongst the many forgotten names who have incredible talent in themselves, but for one reason or another, they fail to make it big on the biggest stage.

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