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Why Graham Potter shouted at Jorginho and Ben Chilwell in devastating Chelsea draw vs Man United


Graham Potter extended his unbeaten run as Chelsea boss against Manchester United but the Blues will be rueing the three points they left on the table as Casemiro’s 94th minute header cancelled out Jorginho’s late penalty. It was another difficult start from Potter’s men as Manchester United took advantage in the centre of the pitch, but with changes mate, ultimately the sides could not be separated.


As Potter noted in his post-match press conference it was probably a fair point to see the spoils shared. After the jubilation just minutes before, the pocket of celebration from Manchester United’s travelling supporters was in stark contrast to their air being sucked out of the rest of the ground however. The Chelsea boss said:


“We are disappointed of course to concede late but over the course of the game, I think a point is right for us. I don’t think we can sit here and say we deserved to win because we didn’t do enough to win the game I don’t think. But effort wise, what the boys put in, was amazing. It was a fantastic effort from the players and I am proud of them for that.”


Graham Potter shouts at Jorginho and Ben Chilwell As the first half

went on, it was clear that all was not going as Potter had planned ahead of the game. Chelsea could not fully impose themselves on Manchester United, as the Red Devils passed through the Blues’ midfield with too much ease and consequently found themselves creating chances.


With that, it appeared Chelsea starting playing a great deal deeper than Chelsea’s coaching staff would like. As his side set up for a goal kick, Potter was enthusiastic about changing how his team would set up from the dead ball. With 20 minutes on the clock, Chelsea’s head coach repeatedly shouted at Chilwell and struggled to capture his attention but persisted until he did.


Eventually Potter was able to encourage the former Leicester defender to take on space much closer to the halfway mark rather than being fairly deep in his own half. It wasn’t too long before the usually fairly serene Chelsea boss, was shouting again, this time with Jorginho in the centre of the pitch and on the ball. Potter would shout and wild gesture to move further up the pitch with Chelsea in possession, seemingly in search of more direct play.

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